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Booking Info: 971-338-8139

Welcome to the Best Karaoke in the Northwest
Serving All Areas With in a 75 mile Radius Of Canby, Oregon.

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Are you looking for GOOD Karaoke with a KJ that knows what he is doing?
A place with a Professional sound system and not some cheap setup with plastic Microphones?
How about a place where the people are friendly and a crowd that just loves to have fun.

Then come See Sal At One Of His Venues. Sal Has Been DJ'ing Karaoke For 18 years, Has a VERY complete Selection of music
and one of the cleanest and best sounding Systems in the Northwest.

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Sal Is The Only Karaoke DJ in Oregon That Uses The Shure Super 55 Series Microphones In All His Shows!
No Low End Equipment Here. These Mircophones Are The Real Thing.
Powered With A 1600 Watt Sound System, An 18" Powered Sub And A Set Of Peavey 15'' Main's,
Not To Mention A Nice Set Of Dance Lights And Powerful Focusable Spotlight Lit Stage Area,
You Can Guarantee a Truley Clean Sound and Fun Experience At Sal's Show.


Sal is Fully Certified and
an OFFICAL Owner of the "Gem Series" Disc Set,
The Certified Digital 6000 Set
Certified By (Pop Hits Monthly)
Sal's Karaoke Collection is 100% Legitimate! No Piracy Here!
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Current Bookings And Locations For KJ Sal:


Molalla, Oregon
8pm to 12am
Molalla, Oregon
9pm to 1am
Molalla Bowl
Molalla, Oregon
10pm to 1am

Karaoke Piracy Sucks!!!

Recently there has been a lot of talk about Karaoke Disc Piracy, so I would like to put in my own two cents worth here.

I have been a KJ and buying karaoke discs since 1996 and I have thus aquired a very large collection of music. I May not have anywhere close to 300,000 Karaoke songs in my collection but I have paid for every song in my collection.

Remember, when a KJ pirates their music it makes it hard for someone like me to get a good paying karaoke gig. These Pirate Karaoke DJ's often wander into a place where someone like me is working and offer to take my job for less money and say that they can provide more songs. Most bar owners will see the numbers and offer to hire them and then us legitimate KJ's are out of a job.

The Piracy has to stop! If you see someone using a Pirate Collection, Turn them In!!!
They Are Ruining what was once a fun and carefree thing for you to do on a weekend night and taking jobs from people like me who just want to enjoy our job and the music that we so dearly love to sing.

To Report a KJ with a Pirated Collection, Click The Picture Below.

Call Sal For Booking Info: 971-338-8139

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